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Manitex 2 Man Basket

Manitex 2 - Man Basket Part No. ACC-194
Unit Price: $0.00

Manitex 2-man basket 50128

Manitex 2-Man Basket. Comes with the man basket bracket. Not all decals that are required are included. Compatible with 50128's
Unit Price: $0.00

National 1395 - 2 Man Basket

2 man basket off of National 1395.
Unit Price: $0.00

National 15127 - 2 man basket

2 man basket off of National 15127. Used, rusty. 2 available
Unit Price: $0.00

National Man Basket

National Man Basket 9103A. Platform Capacity on Boom 1200lbs. 500lbs on jib. Maximum capacity 2 people. Platform weights 575lbs.
Unit Price: $0.00

National Yoke-Style Man Basket

Platform Capacity on Boom : 1200 lbs (544kg) Platform Capacity on JIB : 500 lbs (227kg) Platform Weight : 600 lbs
Unit Price: $0.00


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